Yes. All of the themes listed for sale go through an extensive review process by our team. This ensures the highest quality standards for our buyers.

Sellers are not required to offer additional support to buyers unless there is a technical flaw with product. Offering additional support to your buyers, always remember that you provide a positive return.

No. You cannot use your own referral URL to purchase products.

Of course! You retain 100% of rights for products you sell on Weblenti. We are simply a marketplace and do not own any of the items listed on our site.

We accept refunds if a purchased item is not as described, not as downloaded or is faulty(are not corrected by seller). To submit a refund request, please retun request and specify exactly what is wrong with the product.

You will be given a unique identifier that can be added to the end of any Weblenti URL to generate an affiliate link. You can find your unique tracking code on your affiliate account.

Cookies remain in the buyer's browser for 90 days regardless of how many products are purchased (or until the referred user deletes their cookies or is referred by someone else).

Affiliates receive %5 commission on the referral of a sale.

your total earnings reach at least $50, is paid to you according to your payment preferences.

Payments is made at end of month. The earnings earned in same month, is paid to you according to your payment preferences.

Varsayılan satış komisyonu %20'dir. Ancak üyelik türünüze göre bu oran değişiklik gösterebilir. Üyelikler sayfasından üyeliklere ait komisyon oranlarına göz atabilirsiniz. Ayrıca Hesabım sayfasından size ait komisyon oranını kontrol edebilirsiniz.

There could be many reasons. After purchasing, The callback by PayPal may have not yet reach us or Your order may be pending approval as a result of a negative callback.

Your order total is above $200.00, will be approved after being checked by us. We apply to protect buyers and sellers of limit restriction.

Your order may be prevented by fraud system, In this case your order will be checked again by us. Once your order is approved you will be files can be downloaded.

May be removed from the list by seller. Always make sure to download your purchased products right away to avoid such a situation.

Another reason is that your file license expired. In this case, you need to purchase it again to download files. License time is determined by seller.

We keep all of your purchased products within your account. Not only will this guarantee delivery of your product, it also makes it very easy to update your product when sellers release updates.

NO! We do not penalize you for listing in other marketplaces or your own websites but are required to comply with the guidelines set out in terms of seller.

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