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Redirect Manager

You can now redirect all bad page in a very easy way. Redirect Manager allows you to manage the 404 pages on your website and easily set up redirections on your website to redirect customers to different URLs.For example, if you had recently changed ..

OpenCart NoFollow Link

Auto adds external links nofollow tag in product description. Please look examples in product description on live previewOpenCart 2.xUpload file xml-file/epiksel-nofollow-link.oc.2.x.ocmod.xml on Extensions->Extension InstallerClick Refresh button..

In Stock Filter on Catego..

Small but useful module for your store users. Module gives your users to filter your instock products.This module makes filtering by Product Quantity > 0 or Product status = Out of stock of product.find in ocmod.xmlp.stock_status_id = '3..

SpammerBye - Spam Referre..

Spam sites can be very annoying and you can reduce the value of your site. There are many methods to block this sites but these methods can be sometimes annoying (at least for me) to use.The most commonly used method htaccess but ..

Store Permissions to Cata..

You can block access a page that you want to visitors with this extension. You can have different settings for each store.Homepage or default permission access redirect page.If administrator user login, access can access disabled page (optional)Multi..

OpenSearch SEO Tool

What is OpenSearchOpenSearch is a collection of simple formats for the sharing of search results.The OpenSearch description document format can be used to describe a search engine so that it can be used by search client applications.The OpenSearch re..

Current Password on Chang..

OpenCart v1.5.x, v2.x Members wants to change the password, the current password will be asked. Firstly please install vqmod. www.vqmod.com for opencart 1.5.x Follow video for demo and installation

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