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  • Date Added: 23/03/2022
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What is WebDAV?

WebDAV, which stands for Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning, is a hypertext transfer (HTTP) protocol that allows you to manage files and documents stored on web servers. WEBDAV protocol, which can be used instead of FTP, is defined by the IETF with RFC 4918. It works with 80 and 443 ports, which are standard http ports.

Where to Use?

WebDAV is used in many applications and we use it many times in our daily life, knowingly or unknowingly. For example, it is used when accessing portal software or cloud server disks. Since it can be installed on both IIS and Apache, it has a wide usage area.

You can connect to the cloud environment such as Google Drive, OneDrive, OwnCloud and perform many operations such as deleting, writing, copying, moving with WebDAV and you can do this using your internet browser without installing any application. You can even access your files by connecting your WebDAV address to your computer on another network as a network drive.

You can use it securely with the https protocol by installing an ssl certificate on your WebDAV server. If you have a hosting package, you probably have an address that you can access with WebDAV, even if you are not aware of it. For example, if you are using cPanel, you can find the necessary settings under the Web Disk menu.

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