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What is Hosting?

Hosting is the hosting area reserved for you on the servers where you upload the software files of your website and where your data is stored. As we mentioned in our What is a Domain Name? How to Register? article, if the domain name is your street address, you can think of the hosting service as your home, which you have chosen and designed according to your taste. You can install any web software that is compatible with your hosting server and activate your website.

Hosting can be easily managed thanks to control panels (such as cpanel, plesk, vestacp) installed on the server, and many domain names can be served to different users. In addition, web hosting packages can have different features according to the needs.

How to Buy Hosting?

You can buy web hosting packages from companies that sell hosting services according to your budget and needs. However, there are many companies that provide hosting services and websites that sell individually. For this reason, it can be quite difficult to choose from among the many options. That's why you should do a good research. Otherwise, all your efforts may suddenly disappear one day.

Things to Pay Attention?

In order to minimize the problems, some points should be considered before purchasing a hosting package.

  • Check if it is a real company.
  • Check the contact information.
  • Check how many years it has been in operation.
  • Check for negative reviews on the internet.
  • Check if the hosting package you want to buy meets your requirements.

Often when you buy a hosting package, you also purchase email service. In addition, different services such as free domain name, SSL Certificate may be offered depending in package features you purchased.

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