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How to search better on Google? What are effective Google search methods? You may be asking yourself questions such as. In fact, Google offers us some methods to make more effective searches. Some of you may know and use these methods, but the majority of users do not know that they can achieve the results they are really looking for more easily with these methods.

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When we have a question, when we want to learn about a place or a product, we try to find the answers by searching the internet immediately. Using the right keywords to reach the right search results will of course lead us to the results faster. However, sometimes it can be difficult to achieve the results we want. In such a case, using some of the search methods offered by Google will enable us to reach the right result faster.

In this article, we will provide information about how you can use the search methods you can use when searching on Google. You can also use these methods in other search engines. However, every search engine may not support every feature or use the same feature in a different way.

1. Search Results Containing Entire Sentence

In order to search by matching the sentence you are searching for, not word by word, it is sufficient to enclose the sentence you want to search in double quotes ("). If you are sure of the keywords you need to search, you can reach more accurate results with this method.

Example: "How to Install Wordpress SSL Certificate"

2. Ignoring a Specific Word in Search Results

When you search with your keyword, there may be some words that cause unwanted results. You can remove this word from the search results by putting a minus (-) sign at the beginning.

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Example: OpenCart - Turkish Full Version

3. Searching within a Specific Site

If you want to reach the results of a website, you can use this method. With this method, only the search results of the site you specify are displayed.

Example: OpenCart site:weblenti.com

4. Finding Similar Websites

It allows you to find other websites similar to the website you specify. This method may not work on newly opened websites.

Example: related:e-piksel.com

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5. Search by Texts in Page Title

You can use this method to list the search results according to the words in the article title.

Example: allintitle:sectigo code signing certificate

6. Search by Texts in Description

You can use this method to list search results only according to the words in the article description.

Example: allintext:How to Install OpenCart SSL

7. Searching for Results in a Page Link

You can use this method to list results according to the words in the page link.

Example: allinurl:sectigo positivessl certificate

8. Location Based Search

It's a nice and efficient way to list results for a specific location. Today, although we do this type of location searches on map applications, you can access many location websites that are not yet listed on maps.

Example: Bank location:London

9. Search by Specific File Type

If there is a specific file type you are looking for - say .pdf - you can use this method to list results containing only that file type. It is a good method to access documents prepared as files on the Internet.

Example: distance selling contract filetype:pdf

10. List Results Between Two Numbers

This method allows you to list more effective and accurate results between two numbers. For example, if you want to buy a product, you have a price range in mind and you want to narrow the search results according to this price range. To do this, simply put two dots (..) next to each other between two numbers. Thus, you can reach more effective results more quickly in the price range you have determined.

Example: Computer $1000..$2000

11. Do Not Include Unfamiliar Texts in Search

If you do not remember or do not know the words you want to search, the asterisk (*) will help you. You can do your search by putting this sign instead of the word you don't know.

Example: How to * OpenCart SSL

12. Searching for Results Containing One of Two Texts

You may want your searches to include different words. For this, you can include more than one word in your search by adding the word "or" between words.

Example: OpenCart Turkish or


Above, we tried to explain some of the search methods used for more effective search results with examples. These methods, which you will use in your searches, will enable you to reach more effective and accurate search results.

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