This privacy policy applies to the E-Piksel E-Ticaret ve Bilgi Teknolojileri (It will be referred to as Weblenti from now on) web site at and It is not valid for other non-Weblenti web sites. By this privacy policy you agree to the terms of Weblenti.

IP Adresses

Weblenti identifies IP addresses of users for finding out solutions to the problems, which user may have and about the system, quickly. IP addresses can as well be used to generally define the users and collect comprehensive demographic information.


Weblenti can obtain information about the users and usage habits of users in Weblenti. Usage of Weblenti by using a technical communication file (Cookie) as well. Such technical communication files are small text files send by a website to a users browser to be kept in the main memory. Technical communication file stores the conditions and choices about a website and eases the Internet usage. Technical communication file facilitates to provide statistical information concerning, how many people uses Weblenti, the purpose of the visit of a person of Weblenti, the number and duration of the visits; and to dynamically produce advertisements and content from user pages designed specifically for the users. Technical communication file is not designed to collect data or any other personal information from the main memory or your e-mail. Most of the browsers are initially designed to accept technical communication files but the users, if they wish, can change the settings so that no technical communication file is received or an alert would appear when a technical communication file is sent.

Changes and Others

Information requested by Weblenti from the users who reply to the periodical surveys on the Weblenti are used by Weblenti and persons in cooperation with Weblenti for the purposes of direct marketing to such users, statistical analyses and composition of a data base. Weblenti can amend the provisions of this Privacy Policy anytime by publishing the amendment on Weblenti. The amendments on the "Privacy Policy" become effective as they are published on Weblenti.

Contract Translation

Users accept, declare and undertake the Turkish version will be valid in cases where this contract may be incorrectly translated.