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If you want to add a different language to your OpenCart site, you need to upload the language files and add them to the system. This tutorial will show you how to install the Turkish language. There may be minor differences, but you can add other languages in a similar way.

If you do not want to deal with this way or if you are going to make a new installation, you can install the Turkish Full version by following the steps on How to Install OpenCart?

Steps to Add Turkish Language

1. Find and download the files of the version you are using from the OpenCart Turkish GitHub project page.

2. Extract the downloaded zip file to a folder on your computer. Turkish language files are in "dil-dosyalari\ana_dizine_yukleyin" directory.

3. FTP the admin and catalog folders in "dil-dosyalari\ana_dizine_yukleyin" directory in the extracted folder to the main directory where OpenCart is installed.

4. Login to the OpenCart administration panel and click the "Add" button on Admin->System->Localisation->Languages page.

5. Fill out the form on the adding language page as follows and click the save button.

  • Language Name: Turkish
  • Code: tr-tr (enter only tr for v2.1.0.1 and lower versions)
  • Locale: tr-TR,tr_TR.UTF-8,tr_TR,tr,tr-tr,turkish
  • Image: tr.png (v2.1.0.1 and lower versions only)
  • Directory: turkish (v2.1.0.1 and lower versions only)
  • Filename: turkish (v1.5.6.4 and lower versions only)
  • Status: Enable
  • Sort Order: Enter the sequence number where you want the language to appear.

6. When you complete the above steps, you have added the Turkish language pack to your system. If you want to set Turkish as default language, go to Admin->System->Settings page. Click the "Edit" button of the store whose language you want to change and enable it by selecting the Turkish language from the settings.


You have successfully added Turkish language to OpenCart software. When a new language is added, the data in your default language will be copied to the added language. You have to manually translate this data. For this, check the other pages under the Admin->System->Localization menu to translate them into Turkish. In addition, there may be sections that you need to translate into Turkish, such as categories, information pages, the theme settings you use, your extension settings.

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