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What is Domain Name?

The domain name is the address of the website on the internet. You can think of it as your home address. Just as every letter, cargo, etc. sent to your address reaches you, when you type a domain name in the web browser, it reaches the server where it is registered and opens the website.

If the server that the domain is registered to is not a valid web server or does not have access, it will return as an error page. Just like the mail that comes to you goes back when you are not at home or you do not accept the mail.

However, if you encounter an error when you try to reach the domain name, it does not indicate that the domain name is not registered. The domain name may be registered but not directed to any server.

What is DNS (Domain Name System)?

Servers can be accessed via their defined IP addresses, but it is not a practical method because IP addresses are not memorable. For this reason, databases called DNS, where IP addresses can be defined into domain names, have been developed. It records the IP address defined for the DNS domain name in the database. When the domain name is called, we are actually calling the IP addresses registered in the DNS database.

How to Register a Domain Name?

While there are top-level domain extensions such as .com, .net and .org that are used globally, there are many domain name extensions such as .com.tr, .de and .io that appeal to specific countries. These extensions can be registered within the framework of the rules determined by ICANN and by the companies authorized by ICANN or by the dealers of the company authorized by ICANN. All domain names registered by companies or resellers authorized as registrants must comply with ICANN rules.

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