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cPanel is one of the most used hosting control panel in the world. It will most likely come with this control panel when you purchase a web hosting package.

If the software we want to publish our website requires a database from us, we must first create the database and the user who will access the database in order to complete the installation. You can create a database with cPanel by following the steps below.

1. A page similar to the one below will open, where you log in to your cPanel account. It may look different depending on the theme used, but in general, the menus are the same. Click on the "MySQL® Database Wizard" menu on your cPanel homepage.

2. Type the database name we want to create and click the "Next Step" button. Having a complex and meaningless name while typing the database name will make it safer.

3. In this step, we will create the database user that we will grant access to the database. Your username should be complex for security as with the database name.

4. Click the "Password Generator" button to generate a strong password. You can create strong passwords by clicking the "Generate Password" button in the window that opens. After you create your password, write it down somewhere. Then "I have copied this password in a safe place." Check the option and click the "Use Password" button.

5. The password you create will be automatically written into the required fields. Click the "Create User" button to proceed to the next step.

6. In this step, we will grant access to the privileges that the user you created can do on behalf of him. If you authorize a certain privilege here, it can only execute those privilege. If you don't know about this topic, check "All Privileges" and click "Next Step" button to complete the process.


You have successfully created the database. You can now proceed to the software installation and enter the database information you have created in the relevant sections during the installation phase.

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